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Signature cocktails

Beverage Menu:
Our beverage packages are comprised of beers, wines, liquors and cordials that we believe are sure to appeal to you and your guests. We offer the following as standard:

  • New Amsterdam, Stoli O and Stoli Raz                             

  • Bombay gin

  • Bacardi white rum

  • Captain Morgan’s spiced rum

  • Dewar’s blended scotch

  • Jim Beam bourbon

  • Seagram’s 7, Canadian Club

  • Coffee liquor 

  • Appropriate mixers and fruits

  • 3 beers: Corona, Coors light and 2 Roads 

  • 1 additional case of beer from the following choices:

    • IPA’s – Harpoon, 2 Roads Lil Heaven, Sam-Rebel, Cottrell-Incredibly Pretentious Ale, 2 Roads Honey Spot Rd, Half Fruit Pursuit

    • Imported – Smithwick’s, Red Stripe, Guinness Stout, Stella Artois, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, Hoegaarden, Modelo Negro, Bass Ale, Beck’s

    • Classic American – Rolling Rock, Miller Light, PBR 30pk, Sam Lager or seasonal, Magic Hat #9

    • Whites and Wheats – UFO white, Blue Moon Belgium white

    • Flavored & fruity options – Not Your Father’s Root Beer, Smirnoff Ice, Twisted Tea, Angry Orchard Hard Cider, Crispin Cider, Woodchuck cider, Truly Spiked (any available flavors – extra cases $33 up to 3)

Beer Delivery
Bottles of Wine
    Wines – choose 2 whites and 2 reds, 1 sparkling             
    • Pinot Grigio

    • Sauvignon Blanc

    • Chardonnay

    • Rose

    • White Zinfandel – Moscato

    • Pinot Noir

    • Merlot

    • Malbec

    • Cabernet

    • Wycliff American champagne – white or rose 

    • Bella Fina prosecco available 

  • Wine Service at tables is an additional $5 per person (house wines)

  • Sparkling wine at tables is an additional $5 per person (house brands)

Average off premise Liquor Package price $32 pp  based on at least 100 people

State tax, Labor and Gratuity not included

Subject to additional fees if modifications are made

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