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Box Lunches - COVID friendly

Prices are for earth friendly box or clear recyclable box including flatware and napkin. We can "fancy it up" with custom packaging for an additional cost. Prices do not include drink - please add $1.95 for drink.

Add Deep River chips1oz-$1.25

12 per type minimum for these prices

 *Quiche and salad flavors may be substituted


Back to basics   $13.95

Tuna salad or ham and Swiss sandwich on multigrain bread

Plain ol’ macaroni salad



Menu 1   $14.95

Broccoli and cheddar quiche OR Lorraine quiche*

Baby green salad with orange slices & raspberry vinaigrette

Soft roll and butter



Menu 2   $14.95

Cranberry walnut chicken salad* served over baby greens

Sour cream and chive potato salad 

Soft roll and butter

Lemon square


Menu 3   $16.95

Baby green salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Chilled poached salmon with green sauce

Citrus white and wild rice salad*

Dinner roll and butter




Menu 4   $14.95

Grilled veggie rolls up OR 

Turkey, fresh greens, provolone and roasted pepper wrap

Fresh made tomato and basil pasta salad*  OR

Sour cream and chive new potato salad*



Menu 5   $ 21.95

Chilled sliced filet mignon with horseradish drizzle served over

baby greens with roasted tomatoes

Lemon orzo with asparagus*

Fruit garnish

Chocolate cake


Menu 6   $19.00

Lemon–ginger crusted salmon over greens

Grilled veggies

Cup of gazpacho OR vichyssoise

Coconut cake 


Menu 7   $15.95

Sliced lemon basil grilled chicken breast

Caesar salad with our own croutons

Side of fruit salad



Menu 8   $23.00

Grilled tuna, sliced and served over Niçoise salad

Our own crispy crostini

Fruit garnish

Lemon square


Menu 9   $14.50

Country ham and Brie on French with raspberry honey mustard

Tricolor slaw*  

Fresh fruit salad

White chocolate brownie

sal w strawberries.jpg
Vegan Sandwich
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