Box Lunches - COVID friendly

Prices are for earth friendly box including flatware and napkin. We can "fancy it up" with custom packaging for an additional cost. Prices do not include drink - please add $1.95 for drink.

*Quiche and salad flavors may be substituted

10 per type minimum for these prices



Back to basics   $11.95

Tuna salad or ham and Swiss sandwich on multigrain bread

Plain ol’ macaroni salad



Menu 1   $13.50

Broccoli and cheddar quiche OR Lorraine quiche*

Baby green salad with orange slices & raspberry vinaigrette

Soft roll and butter

Cloud Nine brownie


Menu 2   $13.50

Cranberry walnut chicken salad* served over baby greens

Sour cream and chive potato salad 

Soft roll and butter

Lemon square


Menu 3   $15.50

Baby green salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Chilled poached salmon with green sauce

Citrus white and wild rice salad*

Dinner roll and butter




Menu 4   $13.50

Grilled veggie rolls up OR 

Turkey, fresh spinach, provolone and roasted pepper wrap

Fresh made tomato and basil pasta salad*  OR

Sour cream and chive new potato salad*



Menu 5   $ 18.00

Chilled sliced filet mignon with horseradish drizzle served over

baby greens with roasted tomatoes

Lemon orzo with asparagus*

Fruit garnish

Chocolate cake


Menu 6   $18.00

Lemon–ginger crusted salmon over greens

Grilled veggies

Cup of gazpacho OR vichyssoise

Coconut cake 


Menu 7   $12.00

Sliced lemon basil grilled chicken breast

Caesar salad with our own croutons

Side of fruit salad



Menu 8   $19.00

Grilled tuna sliced and served over Niçoise salad

Our own crispy crostini

Fruit garnish

Lemon square


Menu 9   $12.50

Country ham and Brie on French with raspberry honey mustard

Tricolor slaw*  

Fresh fruit salad

White chocolate brownie

sal w strawberries.jpg
Vegan Sandwich